My obsessions are massive and impactful synchronous experiences, the moon, and vintage jewelry. I lust over Victorian Goddess Artwork, any kind of music from the 70's, and train rides to NYC. You can find me in band tees, blazers, and silk scarfs & kimonos 99% of the time. It's my UNIFORM.
I currently reside in Virginia with my handsome husband Brandon, and our 4 fur babies, Phenley and Paizley Pearl our Pomeranians, and La Ruex and Daizey Mae, our Budgies.

My day to day varies and I couldn't be happier because I am a wanderer and #totalgypsysoul.

Creating the life of my dreams has taken dedication, belief, and lots of inspired action!

Working with my gorgeous clients breathes life into me and I feel so blessed for all of my divine connections. If you have found me, there is no coincidence! Please come hang out with me on the gram @thegypsylifecoach or my secret FB group The Gypsy Clique where I go live every Monday Morning to help kick off your week with high vibe inspo!

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