The Top 3 Reasons Celebs & Influencers use me as their Coach!


We all want the same things…

I have a list of MAJOR Celebs and Influencers that is getting longer . Today I am dishing the top 3 reasons they are coming to me and how I help them. I wanted to get super real about what women in the public eye are craving because it might just shock you how similar your needs are.


    Celebrities have an air tight security team, the best travel accommodations, PR & Management, and I even have a client who has a nanny for each of her kids… so when it comes to their emotional support, they take it SERIOUS.

    What is emotional support? It’s totally a time for them to be able to vent, cry, scream, get grounded, get focused, share their secrets, share their fears, & their ideas, it’s time they have carved out to be their most vulnerable, raw selves ever. Celebs are just like us. They have self-doubt, they have days where they are questioning their personal values & priorities, and they have projects and business ideas that are so genius they sound crazy. But having a safe place to talk about all of their fears and hopes raises their vibes in a massive way.

    WHY THEY COME TO ME >> My clients want support from someone who is reliable, grounded, spiritually connected, and who will always raise the standard and keep their life VIBRANT.. One of my most famous clients once told me, “..No one has ever asked me that question. No one ever asks me anything…they just assume I have all the answers… and I don’t.” Aren’t you dying to know the question I asked?!


    Influencers are on a constant time crunch and under so much pressure that sometimes their creative flow gets disrupted. God has granted me the ability to have an endless abundance of inspiration that I share with my private clients.

    It’s fueled by the joy of truly wanting to see others succeed, see their art flourish, their business take off, or their brand bloom.

    WHY THEY COME TO ME >> My infamous blogging clients come to me to help them stand apart from the crowd. Trends come on hot and heavy in the GRAM world, but they fizzle out just as fast. I help my clients #trailblaze with confidence. In one session we can build an idea into an event, a new clothing line, a new revenue source… into an EMPIRE!


    You think you have money worries! HA! More Chanel, More Probs. Every level of your financial status comes with it’s own unique set of fears. My celeb clients who are making 6 figures every 6 months are freaking out about things you are dreaming about. My influencers who never set up a legit business with a tax ID are loosing their minds over the amount of money they owe in back taxes. The face behind the beauty product that your fave reality star just plugged, made the choice not to eat out for 8 weeks so she could pay that reality star their outrageous posting price for 1 minute of IG stories.

    Everyone has SOME kind of fear around money.

    It’s a thing. Like a survival thing.

    WHY THEY COME TO ME>> Manifesting is a practice. It takes guidance and patience to become a master at it. There are so many coaches regurgitating the same info about manifesting and it gets stale. My clients get a VIP tailored experience for their individual situation. AND THEY SEE RESULTS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY! They get mantras & affirmations created on the spot for them that resonate deeply and work to keep cash flowing & a peaceful understanding that things are always working out for them.

If you want your own emotional support, Inspirational Or Manifestation session I am here for you🖤

Kessley McCormick