Boss Babe Photo Shoot



BOSS BABES today I’m spilling all my secrets on how I take my OWN photos and edit! Don’t get me wrong- I love having a photographer and glam squad, but for the daily grind of content creation, I wanted something more sustainable, easy, and cost efffective so I mastered how to take my own photo shoot.

➕NATURAL LIGHTING is a girl’s best friend. This is literally the key to making or breaking your photos. You can edit lighting in but I prefer to start with a bangin Light source! I always do my photo shoots by natural light but not directly in it. So by my sliding glass doors or window but not on my patio. I have super sensitive eyes & they water  so being outside is a no, plus it totally makes my winged liner  run down my face. Not a good look!

➕FAUX LIGHTING - Pair a good ring light with natural lighting and boom, you’re ready to go! There are so many good ring lights out there. I bought the Neewer 14”  LED Ring Light on It was less then $100 and my Prime membership covered the shipping.

 ➕BACKGROUND - I love a clean background but as a maximalist designer and art lover my walls are covered in original art , prints, and tapestries. For photos I prefer the focus to be on my clothes & self expression. For this shoot I had the tiniest space of wall by a window that I used to create timeless content.

BOSS BABE TIP ✔️Adding zero or negative space is perfect if you want to have text on your photos for a blog or you tube thumbnails!


Before adding wording... 


Wording with the Canva App! 

 ➕SET UP - My ring light came with a tripod, Bluetooth photo clicker, and the thing-a-majig that holds your phone. These are your ESSENTIALS for taking high quality photos!!!! I like to position my tripod slightly above me! It’s all about your best angles babes! I almost ALWAYS sit on an ottoman because I find I’m the most comfortable this way. 

➕IG PHOTOS - So who doesn’t love the shimmering filter from IG? I do! But if you have ever tried to use it to take photos it just doesn’t work. The photos come out blurry and filter obvious. However I do  like to use IG for my black and white photos and also for the vertical format. So I do take photos using the IG camera but do so sans face filters. When I snap a photo I like I will save it with all the different color filters that I love & keep it rolling! 

➕EDITING - I like to use the pic collage apps for special effects like tinting, blurring, and color correcting! I really keep it simple... I love canva and Snapchat for wording! BOTOX always helps- I can sooo tell a difference in my photos when I’m staying up on my face and skin care regimens!  


I hope you get inspired to take some of your own photos babe!!! Embrace all that you are - this is where you will find genuine success. 

Kessley McCormick