Lunar Goddess // New Moon In Virgo //September 2018


New Moon in Virgo happens Sunday, September 9th at 2:03 PM EST!


Have you grabbed your Lunar Goddess Wheel for September yet [SEE Vibes page. Date range 9.9.18-10.8.18]? If not do it NOW babe. I'm breaking down why you need this in your life & how to use yours step by step to  get everything you want and to make your September Super Charged.

I'm not an Astronomer but I am an admirer of the Moon and her brilliance... Selenology is the underground term for this healthy obsession. It derives from the Greek name for the Moon Goddess, Selene.


I've studied her effects on myself and my private clients and her energy is gorge!  I created my Master Course, Intuitive Bombshell, around her phases because I know how valuable this alignment is.  I totally believe Le Luna is the closest feminine representation of a woman in the sky that there is. She is mighty, she is gentle, and she has 29 days of different phases and moods. #RELATABLE.


Here's the breakdown of how you can become a Lunar Goddess.


+ Grab your copy of the Lunar Goddess Wheel on my Vibes Page. If you are a member of my FB group, The Gypsy Clique, there is a secret code to use, making it only $5 and a Live Video with even more inspo on how to amp up your Wheel. P.S. You can grab this chart anytime during the month of September! I will be creating these before every New Moon! 

+ Print your copy & Get your color on. Sharpies, colored pencils, markers, whatever inspires you is perfect. I just bought THE most fabulous pens from AC MOORE. They are the Stabilo 30 Point 88 Fine Liner. There are 25 brilliant colors and 5 neon. I love all crafting hubs, but did you know if you download the AC MOORE PINWHEEL app to your phone there's a 55% coupon that you get to use EVERY TIME you're there?! LOVE. 

+ Begin on the day that you purchase your wheel & create your own legend. You want to keep track of your sleep, energy, mood, motivation, and drive every day. Color in the portion of the wheel to represent how you're feeling that day, or put down the actual amount of hours of sleep you had on that night. Why? Because knowing which day and phase you get the most sleep will lend to the learning of when you're the most rested, energized, and days where you can accomplish the most! Understanding lower energy days and accepting them will help you to schedule in more rest and rejuvenation on those days. 

+ Every day the moon is in a different sign (Leo, Aries, Virgo etc. ) I have written this in for you with the time it changes. YOU'RE NOT AN EMOTIONAL WRECK... you're just a sensitive. Check out what each of these signs mean. For example on October 3rd the Moon will be in Leo. My fave. You may feel more passionate, chatty, and able to communicate from your heart and this would be an excellent time to make genuine connections for your life.


+ There is guidance for the entirety of this Lunation. I want you to succeed in a big way Gypsy. I hope you enjoy this secret weapon. It's been monumental in the evolution of my soul and heart based business and life!


Warm Blessings Always!




Kessley McCormick