How to Receive Intuitive Downloads for your Life + Biz


As an Intuitive Life Purpose Coach & Consultant to women on an entrepreneurial journey, including celebrities, rock stars, and actors, I’m sought after for my expertise in success and gifts of Claircognizance and Clairsentience. These special gifts provide validation, intense emotional support, and major alignment of their next project or idea. Although not everyone has these rare claire-abilities, everyone has the promise of Intuition.

Intuitive downloads are epiphanies, understandings, and ideas, and they’re almost always accurate. Encouraging my clients to listen to their intuition is beautiful work, but sometimes challenging. Intuition is like a shooting star in our inner dialogue. It comes through quickly and fades away just as fast, leaving in its trail self chatter that can be messy, full of fear, and doubtful.

So how do you learn to receive intuitive downloads that can guide you in life and business without self sabotaging? Here are my top five tips to tap in.

TIP 1. Welcome in the quiet. Under developed intuition usually feels faint or foggy. In a chaotic mind it can feel distant and is quite often overlooked. To grow your intuition into a clear, loud guide, you must make space. Practicing meditation and even detoxing from screen time will benefit you greatly.

TIP 2. Ask and receive. Universal law aligns seekers with answers. If you’re wanting to become more self-reliant and confident by using your intuition, you simply must ask (your higher power). Ask for guidance, I promise it will be delivered to you!

Tip 3. Write it out. Because intuition can be such a quick & fleeting thought, writing it down will make it real. I suggest having a cute little journal or notebook in your Gucci bag at all times.

Tip 4. Validate it. Anytime you receive an intuitive message or download, it’s important to trust it. By trusting it you will receive even more insight. It’s all about the Law of Attraction the more you doubt your intuition the more fear and anxiety you will have. The more you lean in and trust the more validation you will be gifted.

Tip 5. Money moves. Intuition will undoubtedly give you enough Information for you to make a decision. Decisions are everything! They are so freeing and can change your life. Get like Cardi B. And make your money moves no matter what. Your intuition with Life Purpose will always lead you to success & money! Only fear holds us back from movement.

Evolving your intuition is a super high vibe practice that is a game changer. Learning to strengthen this Muscle will help you make decisions in your life and business from an aligned place. If you feel detached from your intuition pray or meditate on a specific situation in your life and pay attention to any new thoughts that flow your way!

Kessley McCormick